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Doctor's Desk
  • Psychiatric Evaluation: 

    A psychiatric evaluation includes a clinical interview and examination. A thorough review of your past medical and psychiatric history, social circumstances, and detailed symptom screening will be performed by Dr. Albarado. As a medical doctor, she will consider physical health as well as mental health. The goal of a psychiatric evaluation is to establish a diagnosis, if appropriate, and choose which symptoms to address through treatment.

  • Medication Management: 

    If psychiatric medication is indicated for your symptoms, Dr. Albarado will regularly meet with you to review your response to medications. It is very important to monitor people on psychiatric medications for side effects, and this may include laboratory tests Dr. Albarado can order.

  • Medication Tapering: 

    Dr. Albardo can work with you to decide when and how to safely stop psychiatric medications - either because the symptoms are better, or because the medication is causing side effects.

  • Developmental Screening: 

    Dr. Albarado can evaluate your child for delays in speech, movement, or social functioning. She can make the appropriate referrals for further treatment if necessary.

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