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What is "Self Pay" health care?

Out of Network

Check with your insurance plan to see if you have "out of network" benefits. Dr. Albarado is not a contracted provider with any insurance company, and would fall under "out of network" coverage. Usually, this involves a deductible and then a percentage reimbursement to the patient by their insurance. Steps to seek reimbursement are:

  1. Call your insurance and ask if you have "out of network" benefits.

  2. If so, ask about reimbursement for the following services: ​​follow-up appointments (CPT code 99214), new patient evaluations (CPT 90792). These codes tell the insurance what the appointment involved.

  3. Request a written bill for reimbursement at your appointment. This bill will have all the necessary information for the insurance to know how to reimburse you. 

  4. Send in the information to your insurance, and they will mail the reimbursement directly to YOU.

Fee Schedule

Dr. Albarado offers transparent prices for her services that are consistent for everyone, regardless of insurance coverage. 

  • New patient evaluation for adult, child or adolescent: $400

  • Established patient medication management for adult, child or adolescent: $165

  • Fees will be due at the time of appointment


Albarado Psychiatry is a small, sole-provider practice. Support staff is minimal; this means patients get more 1:1 time with Dr. Albarado and their treatment is very discreet. Becoming an "in network" provider would mean more staff, more exchange of patient information, and less autonomy.  Dr. Albarado believes that operating independent of insurance allows her to offer her patients the best care.

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